Pomegranate Vitamin C Repair Serum


Every day we are exposed to environmental stresses that cause our skin to age faster. UV radiation, air and water pollutants, chemicals in topically applied and household products, toxins in our food and drink and stress -  all generate free radicals that can accelerate aging with visible effects in our skin. 

Little can be done about genes and hormonal changes that can contribute to premature aging, but we can choose a healthier lifestyle with more live, vegetarian foods and fewer depleting foods, and  stress management practices such as breath, meditation, yoga and exercise in nature.  We also can select products that are toxin-free and alive with nutrients that protect, nourish and help repair skin damage.  

To boost repair of damaged skin and prevent harmful environmental effects, Pomegranate Vitamin C Repair Serum offers a powerful skin serum with a dynamic synergy of 3 key regenerating nutrients.  Stabilized Vitamin C, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Copper-infused structured water are formulated in a liposomal base that supports their absorption. These ingredients are enhanced with antioxidant pomegranate and schisandra extracts with a blend of companion herbs for skin rejuvenation.


Increases collagen & elasticity

  • Promotes firmer, less saggy skin
  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduces redness & inflammation
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Increases skin hydration 
  • Provides natural UV protection
            Liposome infusion (*Aloe vera juice, copper electrolyte water, superoxide dismutase, *lecithin, *helichrysum fl, *sencha green tea lvs, *gotu kola lvs, *ginseng lvs, *plantago lvs, *cats claw bark, *goji berry, *seabuckthorn berry, *schisandra berry); Water & *chondrus crispus & xanthan gum & plant sugars; *Pomegranate ext; Vitamin C ester; *Veg Glycerin; Aspen bark ext; Vit E Tocopherols; *Seabuckthorn berry ext; *Schisandra ext; Sandalwood oil; Rose abs; *Lavender oil; Frankincense oil; Jasmine sambac oil; Hyaluronic acid; *Rosemary ext

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