Chlorella-Algae Facial Mask


Facial Mask for All Skin Types

Freshwater, nutrient-rich chlorella algae and skin-toning ocean sea plants are blended with aloe vera gel infused with calming herbs, soothing oat extract and cooling cucumber distillate. Lavender and rosemary oils enhance the skin-soothing properties of our natural gel mask that nourishes your skin and gives your complexion a fresh, toned and hydrated appearance.

APPLICATION: Apply Chlorella Algae Mask to cleansed face and neck including around the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes or longer, then rinse until the mask is removed. May be used with light steam or a hot towel face wrap for deeper penetration.

May also be blended with other ISUN face masks.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera, Chlorella, Seaweed extracts, Cucumber, Oat extract, Calendula extract.

Allergy Precaution: May contain traces of iodine.

Storage: Preserve product integrity by keeping out of sunlight and storing in a cool, dry place. May be refrigerated for a more cooling effect.

Suitable for Vegans. Gluten-free. Non-Toxic. Preserved with Aspen bark extract.

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