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Happy Hour Herbal Chews


HAPPY HOUR | Mood support herbal gummy for uplift, connection and enjoyment

Herbal bliss for making any hour happy hour. Featuring herbalism's most euphoric and good-mood-making ingredients.


Why: For a bit of bliss, that warm fuzzy feeling, and an all-natural buzz that supports always good vibes. Like an internal smile.

When: Happy hour, after-hours, pre-game, or any time you want to smile. Think of Happy Hour as your better-than-booze BFF.

Key Ingredients:

KANNA. For improving mood, relieving anxiety, and providing a blissful euphoria.

CACAO. Lifts the spirits, and boosts levels of anandamide, our “bliss molecule.” It’s an ancient aphrodisiac and sacred plant used for pleasure.

ROSE. Calms the nervous system, warms the heart, and relaxes muscles. It’s also a comfort for grief or periods of lowness.

ALBIZIA. Known as The Tree of Happiness, Albizia elevates mind, body, and spirit—inducing that inner glow.

REISHI. The Queen of Mushrooms, Reishi is a calming adaptogen and a nervine used for reducing symptoms of stress, burnout, and insomnia.

MUCUNA PRURIENS. Known as the “dopamine bean” increases the presence of L-DOPA (the precursor of dopamine). Used for nervous system regulation, increasing pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.

Herbalist-designed | supernatural ingredients

HRBLS are vegan! No gums, no waxes, no weird stabilizers. Entirely Supernatural.

One box contains 15 HRBLS

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