Seabuckthorn Berry Lip Balm


Lips are sensitive and delicate with only 3-5 layers of skin cells compared to 15 covering the rest of the body. Constant exposure to sun, wind and varying weather conditions requires that lips have constant care to keep them moist, soft, nourished and protected. 

Seabuckthorn lip balm is luscious and richer than most with a host of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to keep lips healthy, moist, supple, soft and naturally UV protected. Based in nurturing raw organic cacao and shea butters and blended with the most pure extra virgin coconut oil and enriching avocado oil, lips are soothed, protected and plumped up with moisture. 

Seabuckthorn berry oil offers amazing benefits as the richest of all oils in omegas 3,6,7 & 9 with high levels of vitamins C, A, E, D, K and carotenes. It’s the high level of protective carotenes that give our lip balm a tint of color. For extra antioxidant protection and for pure pleasure, we’ve added a touch of ‘chocolatey’ cacao absolute.


  • Lips stay healthy & moist
  • Soothes & helps heal lip irritation
  • Provides natural UV protection
  • Protects against wind & cold
  • Keeps lips soft & supple
    *Beeswax; *Ghana Shea butter; *Cacao butter; *Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil; *Avocado oil; *Seabuckthorn berry oil; *Acai oil; Vitamin E; *Cocoa abs

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